Did you know that yOUR trash pile “The Vortex” is about 6 times the size of the state of California? Yes it’s! Besides it’s right on the middle of our beautiful Pacific Ocean… we have fishes with 3 eyes and poop on our tap water, and I can keep on pilling it reasons why we must step into our heroes NOW!

What can you do today? Maybe not get another “to go” waxy cup for your beverage at the coffee shop… Just that right there BAMMM will expand a huge impact in a day, the coffee industry can be defiantly more organic, and simply starts at home.

How about use a jar as a cup? 

See seems like so little… However it’s so big at the same time, when I think of how many of us loves coffee or tea out there, and yes EVERYDAY taking one something to waste! It saves money bringing yOUR own cup, no waste, no wax, or foam! Plus lots of us finds epic to use our cool jars and cups, recycle, reuse all and saving some bucks! I feel great to walk into a place and have my own cup, plate, spoon… to be sustainable and unique.

Thank you for practicing self love with us! Gratitude is where is at! 


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