PermaCulture Hero In The House! Bien Venido Keegan The Vegan!


Keegan planting a garden in someone’s yard in Wailuku Maui! #permacultura

Who is Keegan?

I am a chAngel, a wayshower here to help guide humanity back into a state of harmonious consciousness, a thrive-lihood in right relation with all beings.  I was born and lived for seven years with my parents, older brother, and grandmother in coastal southern California before moving to the town of Mammoth Lakes in the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains.  Our family moved back the the coast in time for me to start high school in Morro Bay, where I grew into the awareness of our human family’s great challenges.

I began traveling soon after high school and was despaired to fathom the cultural wasteland of the American empire and colonial injustice around the world!  I studied Shaolin Kung Fu and Mandarin in China; music, language, and voice back in California; and independent anthropology on a bike tour through Europe, where I found the solution! Permaculture was introduced to me while I was WWOOFing in Croatia, and I soon found myself, at my loving mother’s suggestion, participating in a Permaculture Design Course in Costa Rica!

I have been living, learning, and growing through the permaculture network around the world ever since.  I have collaborated with communities across the Americas and in Hawaii, Bali, and Thailand. Now I live on the beautiful island of Maui, finally setting down some deeper roots!


Keegan Blisstears Meade

Author: Daniela Activist & Creator

I am another you, I am Daniela, I am a mother, I am love, I am everything, I am Earth, I am everywhere, I am Brazilian, I am a healer, I am a writer, I am an artist, I am a dancer, I am a drummer, I am music, I am a child, I am learning, I am a leader, I am Gaia, I am forgiveness, I am a singer, I am a Goddess, I am nature, I am present, I am a reflection, I thankful, I am honored to be of service and I take responsibility for my TRAsh! From there when I was born, Rio De Janeiro Brazil to nowhere as a Creator of the New eARTh… it’s been an amazing journey of love, gratitude, awakenings, light, darkness, acceptance and metamorphoses that brought me to who I AM Today, The Gift! I am healed, YES I! At the present moment "the gift", I am enjoying my role as Mama Bear, Community Leader, Ambassador and Writer for the Earth Nation Family. To top the bliss of this momentum... I am the Creator and Activator of Love Cycle, I do what I LOVE and love what I do all day long! Honored and happy to be of service for a entire community of Heroes! Love Cycle is not a religion, it's a lifestyle that's down to eARTh! And Our mission is simple... to be & live in harmony with yOur nature! We are another you, a crew of creative OUTside the box Solutionaries and here to bring paradise on eARTh as ONE! Love Cycle is a Non-Profit Organization, fully sponsored by the Earth Nation, which unifies powerful humanitarian organizations, Eco-villages, cooperative business, professionals and provides us with Equality Keys (Learn more: Daniela Magalhaes Love Cycle Activist & Creator

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