We are healing fire with fire!

The largest fire of all times is calling us for creation, unity, and ancient natural healing. Amazing firefighters and masters are present, and willing to serve in times of need. Please follow the link below for further information in regards and how to support.

Fire the love withIN ALL for the balance of our Wildfires and withIN!

Our sacred lands are in need of attention and many are feeling as we know, be present with us and rain on the eARTh as ONE love cycle!

Play tribe like… do a raIN dance today with all your heART anywhere you are and so it’s! Rain on the eARTh \o/\0/\o/\0/\o

Support Jared via PayPal jaredhendricks@pacific.net and same as his personal email!

Healing The Fires WithIN Fire Burns!

Unite to apply towards Control Burns in order to heal and love the wildfires with fire. To balance our elements, fire, air, water and planet over all. We are a group of fire solutionaries and nature lovers, willing to share willpower, our sacred fire and sacred time to eARTh!




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