Thank you brother! It’s a honor to serve with you!

Jared was born into a 4th generation ranching family in Northern California Scotts Valley area, where we just had the largest fire in history. He spent majority of his younger years helping out on the ranch and immersing himself in the wilderness surrounding it, besides that he is an Agricultural Engineer, an Ecologist, ancient fire wisdom keeper and teacher.

As a young adult, he ran and owned an industrial composting facility. When artistic inspiration came to him, Jared began experimenting with sculpting metal. His pieces have been featured in many galleries, shows, and pieces of art literature. When a fire devastated the local community and his own land, he was motivated to find a way to prevent this kind of damage from happening again. With the combined powers of ancient native wisdom and his own ecological experience and degree, Jared developed a natural fire prevention method. Jared became increasingly interested in studying one’s personal connection with nature, and made it his mission to educate the minds of tomorrow’s leaders.

He developed a youth retreat center on his family ranch, giving high school aged kids the opportunity to explore themselves within and embrace their relationship with the natural world. Jared has also facilitated retreats for much younger children as well. The fire ecology technique Jared has developed is of the utmost importance as wildfires have become increasingly more prevalent in California. Jared presents talks on his methods regularly trying to spread as much awareness as possible. Today, Jared’s focus is on raising consciousness and ecological projects. Jared has saved thousands of acres of sacred lands and homes from the fires. His work is been recognized by the state, it’s on the news and by our entire community. We are grateful for Jared’s presence, generosity and wisdom.

Support Jared via PayPal jaredhendricks@pacific.net and same as his personal email!

Thank you Jared! We honor and support you!

Healing The Fires WithIN Fire Burns!

Unite to apply towards Control Burns in order to heal and love the wildfires with fire. To balance our elements, fire, air, water and planet over all. We are a group of fire solutionaries and nature lovers, willing to share willpower, our sacred fire and sacred time to eARTh!


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