We are a lifestyle down and up to eARTh!

We made changes and we love it! Please read and give us some feedback! This is ABOUT us!

We love to hEAR from you!

Follow link or read bellow https://lovecycleus.com/about/

As we know there is a huge amount of work and restoration needed all around our planet, our nature is screaming for love and attention…

The corporations  or “governments” can’t really do it all on their own, what it’s quite ok since it’s too much anyways, and too many of us creating that waste what makes it impossible! The idea is to let it go ALL the blaming, or worrying in regards anything that we can’t really control it, and INvest that precious time by simply taking more responsibility for our own trASH, mess and the only land we have to stand on.

So what you want to co-create or see it out there? Let’s own it, our pollution, solutions and so on! Where our sweet s… goes really? Can you see clearly?

US the people must unify and take this into our own hands, share real deal actiONs, yes we can do it and in so many ways. The simple little things, ALL adds up and it’s all created by us by the second…

Here WE ARE a group of passionate change makers, sustainable individuals, light beings, healers, tree and free hugers, food lovers, activists, ecologists, artist, singers, writers, and yes lovers of all kinds!

All the above so bellow, imperfect and perfect just like mother earth and by birth unified, in order to Love Cycle our planet in every possible way. We make it fun, simple, fair”y” trades & makes, sweet, equality like, crypto like, adaptable, natural, vibe tribe like, from anywhere and we keep on sharing it our natural medicine with much enthusiasm for all to see! All STARts from home and withIN 😉 it takes some heART!

Did you know that yOUR trash pile “The Vortex” is about 6 times the size of the state of California? Yes it’s! Besides it’s right on the middle of our beautiful Pacific Ocean… we have fishes with 3 eyes and poop on our tap water, and I can keep on pilling it reasons why we mUSt step into our heroes NOW!

What can you do today? Maybe not get another “to go” waxy cup for your beverage at the coffee shop… Just that right there BAMMM will expand a huge impact in a day, the coffee industry can be defiantly more organic, and simply starts at home.

How about use a jar as a cup? 

See seems like so little… However it’s so big at the same time, when I think of how many of us loves coffee or tea out there, and yes EVERYDAY taking one something to waste! It saves money bringing yOUR own cup, no waste, no wax, or foam! Plus lots of us finds epic to use our cool jars and cups, recycle, reuse all and saving some bucks! I feel great to walk into a place and have my own cup, plate, spoon… to be sustainable and unique. 


Ahhhh sometimes we want scream, when we see so much non sense and waste… yes thanks goodness here we learn how to breathe too 🙂 It helps on the let it go process of none blaming! Go oMM into the gap of emptiness, where less is more! 

For us it’s VERY important the quality of yOUR breath! Oh Yes thanks for good air and for doINg the internal work! Breathe! 

The time is NOW creators “TODAY” the real deal gIft let’s be it, this is all we got! Here is a new chance to Rise our Eco, Heal the Ego and recognize that it takes a tribe to bring Paradise on eARTh!

Love Cycle creates and participates on projects that are in alignment with unconditional love, for our Planet and Mankind in every possible way. For sure you can reach out and join us on a adventure, on a call, a time and space 🙂 surely we love to hear from all of you any given time it is appreciated!

As a commUNITY we thrive by adopting organic “systems” ( Translates to “Saves You Serious Time Efforts or Eco Money & Sources”), and a lifestyle that flows abundance & plants sustainability for all. We believe in harmony through real compassion!

By sharing and adopting simple daily actions like recycling & reusing every piece of eARTh as a piece of heART, ancient wisdom, like Permaculture, natural medicine, organic food support & distribution, arts, crafts, , make yOUR own products, get outside, mobile homes & vehicles restoration, by offering educational workshops, connecting with our seniors, ecological walks to clean our surroundings, supporting farmers, educating our children, partnering with animal shelters, humanitarian organizations like us, Eco Communities, Cooperative Business, and by being present to connect sources on a green natural path of gratitude for all.

Join The Love Cycle Lovelution Today “be” the change, from anywhere, take 1 green action and let’s clean our heART, open and IN mega gratitude!

Thank you, I love you! You are so giving Pachamama! Earth, Mother Nature, ME, whatever you call this ship is US it’s ALL we got!

WE love the birds, the flowers, the grass, the water, fires, and ALL as we are!

I am another you!

By Daniela MegaLove

Meet our eARTh crew and family really beautiful people here, click to view Our eARTh Crew


Love & Gratitude to the Earth Nation Family! And All sponsors, communities, our teachers, volunteers, present, past, all the people who touched the earth and felt connected through this project! We learned so many lessons, we always have fun, know it’s more to come as we are eternal and so it’s our connection! So much more to BEcome! Thank you agaIN and agaIN you are a god of your own and your time is soooo divine! 

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