What we are up to? Healing and sharing in Northern California \o/

Love Cycle now in Lake County North California , and yes we are so happy to serve this area!

In case you don’t know what happened on this side of the ship… the fires devastated part of the local community. We feel the pain from the people who lost their homes, business and yes there is a need of unity in order to cure, protect our wildlife and families.

From this project we are supporting HERE… an art school, a community, natives, education, natural medicine, fire prevention, healing, permaculture and so much more goodness is blooming. Thank you Universe for such a beautiful opportunity and everyone who is up lifting this new eARTh school. 

Yes we are taking this moment into a higher level of creative ACTion! It takes a tribe so we are here now activating, working and learning with two really amazing elder artists…. simply honored to be in touch, support and presence the light of those beings. 

Here are the heroes involved on this mission in NorCal, and what are some of the ideas in place:

Jared E. Hendricks


Jared E. Hendricks was born into a 4th generation ranching family in Northern California. He spent the majority of his younger years helping out on the ranch and immersing himself in the wilderness surrounding it. As a young adult, he ran an industrial composting facility. When artistic inspiration came to him, Jared began experimenting with sculpting metal. His pieces have been featured in many galleries, shows, and pieces of art literature.

When a fire devastated the local community and his own land, he was motivated to find a way to prevent this kind of damage from happening again. With the combined powers of ancient native wisdom and his own ecological experience, Jared developed a natural fire prevention method. His land has not been touched by fire since. Jared became increasingly interested in studying one’s personal connection with nature, and made it his mission to educate the minds of tomorrow’s leaders. He developed a youth retreat center on his family ranch, giving high school aged kids the opportunity to explore themselves within and embrace their relationship with the natural world. Jared has also facilitated retreats for much younger children as well. The fire ecology technique Jared has developed is of the utmost importance as wildfires have become increasingly more prevalent in California. Jared presents talks on his methods regularly trying to spread as much awareness as possible. Today, Jared’s focus is on raising consciousness and ecological projects.


Love and compassiON for our Planet is needed everywhere!

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New Logo & LovINg Sponsors Signs Of GrATITUDE!

LoveCycle Logo

Right ON this amazINg Cycle of Blue Full Moon Eclipse… Here from the West and to BE exact from CALIfornia our new home I am so glad! Announcing our new symbol, logo, label, gift & so it’s! We’re CallINg ALL Angels, Supporters and Lovers of all KINDs… Right NOW For A Powerful Cosmic ConnectIon Of AbunDance And Hero HealINg For Our eARTh & LovINg Logo by Me and NuIN!

We are INspired to keep on feedINg the Love, guided by spirit to keep it Up on the rIght path, and yes we are not shy to Ask, for your support to help us to spread this lovINg cycle by simply sharINg this post with the rest of oUr UNIverse! Thank You Up Front & Back & Down Each Step! EternALL! UniversALL Dance MedicINe also is a new thing… ALL Joy! You must joIN!

Love Cycle First Event

SpeciALL Thank You To Goddess Awen NuIN for your grace, ART and constant faIth siSTAR… for ALL that we grow as One LovINg Family. You are a piece of eARTh, that We much appreciate and love to contemplate! Goddess of WisdOMmmm! Namaste Eu Amo Voce! CURAndo ao seu lado sempre!

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SpONsors We Are ThankFULL Of Love For You!


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Donate Today for a New eARTh

All supporters will receive a gift, a unique art piece, 100% sustainable and made by us. Any donation is greatly appreciated, much love and gratitude!


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1 ACT OF LOVE A DAY! Keep it simple and down to eARTh!

How about keeping it simple, down to eARTh and fun during the Holidays? By making our own gifts, signs and decorations… simply be the gift! Invite friends and family, make it fun, unite all the stuff you might have around. Let’s save our planet and sources, besides… how about closet space?

“The creative adult is the child who survived!”

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Get Outside!

Why not get out there to plant, harvest, clean, connect and love one another?

Let’s vibe tribe like and BE nature, truly love all that we are! Get outside, compost and plant seeds of sustainability, like queen bees, spread, yess we need more supporters and real deal lovers!

That’s the way to heal withIN and all way around the globe, by unifying and doing the INternal work. Breathe with the trees, bees and see yourself as ONE! You are NOT alone !

Equality, Uniqueness, Gratitude and Modesty = DelicioUS Ever Less And More HARMONY!

Said Lao Tzu sometime a go… “The Master causes confusion”.

Yes we love to confuse everyone with our cool to go mugs, cups, forks, no plastic needed don’t be a dork dark wasteful alien, please bring your own, let’s be creative and save the day in BabylOM! One less anything a day, makes our trash pile way smaller and that’s happy news yeyyy! Be the news you wanna see it! How about a new invention to save our sources? Are you called to put some extra forces?

Be your Good God “self” Today as a gift for all of us to INjoy! Get out there! I wanna see your pretty face, your genius rebirth, living, singing and laughing by yOUR heARTh! You are a piece of ART, you are adaptable and perfect in your imperfections!

Show me your purpose, I wanna feel your INtention bring it on! There is no competition when there’s compassion and uniON!

Bloom where you are, like a flower in a garden, precioUS, supported and connected to ALL… let us smell your inner medicine.

Every step and actiON of love towards our planet, it is an act of self love. So be it! Unconditional love and so it’s!

I will see you there in the play grounds of Babylon, the land that we are all native and children of it, we come back to taste it, learn and awaken to it!

Pachama in your chest madre I want to rest, nap and nest like a bird free to come and go to every corner of your bliss and so it’s!

Don’t forget to bring and be the Sage! Keeping it Ceremonial will help us to feel safe, navigate and flow with our ancestors in light and grace!


Eu Amo Voce!


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We are glad for all the people who plant food, imagine a whole planet full of bushes and ONLY… We love bananas! Thank you for planting diversity with us \o/\0/\o/\0/\o/\0/\o/\0/\o/


Moringa \o/ Thank You We love You! The Miracle Tree is one of the most healing Trees on the Planet Earth! Juice it and feel the miracle! 18765861_10211120524442371_5155253376946864128_n

The key is to teach men how to fish, by allowing ourselves to play like kids again and hit the playground with joy!


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Namaste Eu Amo Voce!