It’s time for more TRASH awareness!


Loving our Planet is an act of self love!

Here are some simple facts and solutions in regards our trash system:
For about three decades, almost all of our recycling was shipped over and sold to China. For about 2 years now China is no longer ‘buying’ our garbage, and we have huge amounts of recyclables piling up at US ports, Vortex ‘Pacific Trash Pile’, trash yards and warehouses… #truth #wakeup #takeaction
NOW it’s crucial for us to take at least some responsibility for our garbage, it’s not just the governments and corporations work… all of us are creating that pile! Eventually will stink really bad… already it’s visible and destructive to all of us! 😑😭🙏💚🌎
What we gonna do with all this trash?
Can you reduce it in anyway? Can you reuse? How can we save our sources? Is it kind? Is it sustainable?
How about having ONE coffee cup, instead taking a new waxy cup daily at the coffee shop? Do you know that most to go cups have toxic substances that harms our body?
Also it saves $$$ we always get a discount for bringing our own cups and bags 😍 It helps our planet most important! #selflove
Can you reuse boxes and shopping bags?
We are suffocating ourselves in plastic 😝
One action a day by all of us can create a huge impact! #bepresent #reuse #reduce #loveonearth
Are you ready to join this love cycle?
Send us a pick of you doing a good action towards saving our planet, also post and tag us! We will send you a sustainable artsy gift from the source! #free #gift #gratitude #lovecycle #getoutside #makeyourown #planttrees #plantlove #
We are one and core team of the planet eARTh!
Follow us, share and connect. AgaIN loving our planet is an act of self love! 
Bless and love!
Love Cycle eARTh Crew

1 ACT OF LOVE A DAY! Keep it simple and down to eARTh!

How about keeping it simple, down to eARTh and fun during the Holidays? By making our own gifts, signs and decorations… simply be the gift! Invite friends and family, make it fun, unite all the stuff you might have around. Let’s save our planet and sources, besides… how about closet space?

“The creative adult is the child who survived!”

Why not offer FREE HUGS? One of the best of all gifts and our favorite operation of all times available 24/7, tree hugers are welcome and counted in too! Join us anywhere for FREE HUGS, love cycle all that you are and be the change! Yes to unity, connection, peace, acceptance and light! All the above are consider it nature friendly, awesome for the heart and very sustainable!  Let’s have a no trace holiday season, love you eARTHy beings! Special thanks to ALL our volunteers and supporters!

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Get Outside!

Why not get out there to plant, harvest, clean, connect and love one another?

Let’s vibe tribe like and BE nature, truly love all that we are! Get outside, compost and plant seeds of sustainability, like queen bees, spread, yess we need more supporters and real deal lovers!

That’s the way to heal withIN and all way around the globe, by unifying and doing the INternal work. Breathe with the trees, bees and see yourself as ONE! You are NOT alone !

Equality, Uniqueness, Gratitude and Modesty = DelicioUS Ever Less And More HARMONY!

Said Lao Tzu sometime a go… “The Master causes confusion”.

Yes we love to confuse everyone with our cool to go mugs, cups, forks, no plastic needed don’t be a dork dark wasteful alien, please bring your own, let’s be creative and save the day in BabylOM! One less anything a day, makes our trash pile way smaller and that’s happy news yeyyy! Be the news you wanna see it! How about a new invention to save our sources? Are you called to put some extra forces?

Be your Good God “self” Today as a gift for all of us to INjoy! Get out there! I wanna see your pretty face, your genius rebirth, living, singing and laughing by yOUR heARTh! You are a piece of ART, you are adaptable and perfect in your imperfections!

Show me your purpose, I wanna feel your INtention bring it on! There is no competition when there’s compassion and uniON!

Bloom where you are, like a flower in a garden, precioUS, supported and connected to ALL… let us smell your inner medicine.

Every step and actiON of love towards our planet, it is an act of self love. So be it! Unconditional love and so it’s!

I will see you there in the play grounds of Babylon, the land that we are all native and children of it, we come back to taste it, learn and awaken to it!

Pachama in your chest madre I want to rest, nap and nest like a bird free to come and go to every corner of your bliss and so it’s!

Don’t forget to bring and be the Sage! Keeping it Ceremonial will help us to feel safe, navigate and flow with our ancestors in light and grace!


Eu Amo Voce!


Wild harvested food is like magic… FREE and delicious!


All year around fresh Cocos, it’s like a dream, it’s FL and we love it. Hydrate, get your natural oils, electrolytes and drink straight from the great mothers breast! Enjoy this bliss if you are on the Tropical’s, get Cocos and support your locals.


A sprouted Coconut is like a treasure… Hard to find and hard to open it! Takes practice and patience, however is totally worth it. Have you ever seen one? Wait into you taste it! We honor all our Coco People as Gods, who bravely climbs trees for all beings to heal and feel the love! Connect with us for fresh Cocos Locos “Coqueros”around the globe, get your cocos, support the locals, learn to climb, how to open a coco? Yes! We got you!


We are glad for all the people who plant food, imagine a whole planet full of bushes and ONLY… We love bananas! Thank you for planting diversity with us \o/\0/\o/\0/\o/\0/\o/\0/\o/


Moringa \o/ Thank You We love You! The Miracle Tree is one of the most healing Trees on the Planet Earth! Juice it and feel the miracle! 18765861_10211120524442371_5155253376946864128_n

The key is to teach men how to fish, by allowing ourselves to play like kids again and hit the playground with joy!


Meet our eARTh Crew and family, click here Our eARTh Crew

Namaste Eu Amo Voce!