About Changes! And Yes We Love Changes!

We are a lifestyle down and up to eARTh!

We made changes and we love it! Please read and give us some feedback! This is ABOUT us!

We love to hEAR from you!

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As we know there is a huge amount of work and restoration needed all around our planet, our nature is screaming for love and attention…

The corporations  or “governments” can’t really do it all on their own, what it’s quite ok since it’s too much anyways, and too many of us creating that waste what makes it impossible! The idea is to let it go ALL the blaming, or worrying in regards anything that we can’t really control it, and INvest that precious time by simply taking more responsibility for our own trASH, mess and the only land we have to stand on.

So what you want to co-create or see it out there? Let’s own it, our pollution, solutions and so on! Where our sweet s… goes really? Can you see clearly?

US the people must unify and take this into our own hands, share real deal actiONs, yes we can do it and in so many ways. The simple little things, ALL adds up and it’s all created by us by the second…

Here WE ARE a group of passionate change makers, sustainable individuals, light beings, healers, tree and free hugers, food lovers, activists, ecologists, artist, singers, writers, and yes lovers of all kinds!

All the above so bellow, imperfect and perfect just like mother earth and by birth unified, in order to Love Cycle our planet in every possible way. We make it fun, simple, fair”y” trades & makes, sweet, equality like, crypto like, adaptable, natural, vibe tribe like, from anywhere and we keep on sharing it our natural medicine with much enthusiasm for all to see! All STARts from home and withIN 😉 it takes some heART!

Did you know that yOUR trash pile “The Vortex” is about 6 times the size of the state of California? Yes it’s! Besides it’s right on the middle of our beautiful Pacific Ocean… we have fishes with 3 eyes and poop on our tap water, and I can keep on pilling it reasons why we mUSt step into our heroes NOW!

What can you do today? Maybe not get another “to go” waxy cup for your beverage at the coffee shop… Just that right there BAMMM will expand a huge impact in a day, the coffee industry can be defiantly more organic, and simply starts at home.

How about use a jar as a cup? 

See seems like so little… However it’s so big at the same time, when I think of how many of us loves coffee or tea out there, and yes EVERYDAY taking one something to waste! It saves money bringing yOUR own cup, no waste, no wax, or foam! Plus lots of us finds epic to use our cool jars and cups, recycle, reuse all and saving some bucks! I feel great to walk into a place and have my own cup, plate, spoon… to be sustainable and unique. 


Ahhhh sometimes we want scream, when we see so much non sense and waste… yes thanks goodness here we learn how to breathe too 🙂 It helps on the let it go process of none blaming! Go oMM into the gap of emptiness, where less is more! 

For us it’s VERY important the quality of yOUR breath! Oh Yes thanks for good air and for doINg the internal work! Breathe! 

The time is NOW creators “TODAY” the real deal gIft let’s be it, this is all we got! Here is a new chance to Rise our Eco, Heal the Ego and recognize that it takes a tribe to bring Paradise on eARTh!

Love Cycle creates and participates on projects that are in alignment with unconditional love, for our Planet and Mankind in every possible way. For sure you can reach out and join us on a adventure, on a call, a time and space 🙂 surely we love to hear from all of you any given time it is appreciated!

As a commUNITY we thrive by adopting organic “systems” ( Translates to “Saves You Serious Time Efforts or Eco Money & Sources”), and a lifestyle that flows abundance & plants sustainability for all. We believe in harmony through real compassion!

By sharing and adopting simple daily actions like recycling & reusing every piece of eARTh as a piece of heART, ancient wisdom, like Permaculture, natural medicine, organic food support & distribution, arts, crafts, , make yOUR own products, get outside, mobile homes & vehicles restoration, by offering educational workshops, connecting with our seniors, ecological walks to clean our surroundings, supporting farmers, educating our children, partnering with animal shelters, humanitarian organizations like us, Eco Communities, Cooperative Business, and by being present to connect sources on a green natural path of gratitude for all.

Join The Love Cycle Lovelution Today “be” the change, from anywhere, take 1 green action and let’s clean our heART, open and IN mega gratitude!

Thank you, I love you! You are so giving Pachamama! Earth, Mother Nature, ME, whatever you call this ship is US it’s ALL we got!

WE love the birds, the flowers, the grass, the water, fires, and ALL as we are!

I am another you!

By Daniela MegaLove

Meet our eARTh crew and family really beautiful people here, click to view Our eARTh Crew


Love & Gratitude to the Earth Nation Family! And All sponsors, communities, our teachers, volunteers, present, past, all the people who touched the earth and felt connected through this project! We learned so many lessons, we always have fun, know it’s more to come as we are eternal and so it’s our connection! So much more to BEcome! Thank you agaIN and agaIN you are a god of your own and your time is soooo divine! 

Healing The Fires WithIN Fire Burns CA


We are healing fire with fire!

The largest fire of all times is calling us for creation, unity, and ancient natural healing. Amazing firefighters and masters are present, and willing to serve in times of need. Please follow the link below for further information in regards and how to support.

Fire the love withIN ALL for the balance of our Wildfires and withIN!

Our sacred lands are in need of attention and many are feeling as we know, be present with us and rain on the eARTh as ONE love cycle!

Play tribe like… do a raIN dance today with all your heART anywhere you are and so it’s! Rain on the eARTh \o/\0/\o/\0/\o

Support Jared via PayPal jaredhendricks@pacific.net and same as his personal email!

Healing The Fires WithIN Fire Burns!

Unite to apply towards Control Burns in order to heal and love the wildfires with fire. To balance our elements, fire, air, water and planet over all. We are a group of fire solutionaries and nature lovers, willing to share willpower, our sacred fire and sacred time to eARTh!




PermaCulture Hero In The House! Bien Venido Keegan The Vegan!


Keegan planting a garden in someone’s yard in Wailuku Maui! #permacultura

Who is Keegan?

I am a chAngel, a wayshower here to help guide humanity back into a state of harmonious consciousness, a thrive-lihood in right relation with all beings.  I was born and lived for seven years with my parents, older brother, and grandmother in coastal southern California before moving to the town of Mammoth Lakes in the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains.  Our family moved back the the coast in time for me to start high school in Morro Bay, where I grew into the awareness of our human family’s great challenges.

I began traveling soon after high school and was despaired to fathom the cultural wasteland of the American empire and colonial injustice around the world!  I studied Shaolin Kung Fu and Mandarin in China; music, language, and voice back in California; and independent anthropology on a bike tour through Europe, where I found the solution! Permaculture was introduced to me while I was WWOOFing in Croatia, and I soon found myself, at my loving mother’s suggestion, participating in a Permaculture Design Course in Costa Rica!

I have been living, learning, and growing through the permaculture network around the world ever since.  I have collaborated with communities across the Americas and in Hawaii, Bali, and Thailand. Now I live on the beautiful island of Maui, finally setting down some deeper roots!


Keegan Blisstears Meade

BE The News You Want To See!

What is your gift to the UNIverse? Be it!


 JoIN Us For An eARTh Cycle RevolutiON! 




Love Cycle ACTtivatiON @ The Fort Bragg’s CA Organic Farmers Market!

In Earth, one of our favorite sPOTS to serve surely is the farmers markets across the globe… 

We connect, learn, teach and can be present for the ones who keeps our tables truly rich! We are thankful for all the organic farmers and artists, that ventures to be of service and provide their best, so ALL of us can grow as a healthy garden of life! And so it’s…

Our first week at the Fort Bragg’s Farmers Market was an amazing lovINg connectiON and yes super contagioUS. Together WE do what we can’t do alone!


Self INclusiON and ConnectiON! It’s a very healthy practice to juggle, stimulates the brain, promotes good coordination and it’s relaxing to the nerve system! Just do it! The Impractical Juggler “Greg” practices daily! 

It was touching to see everyone participating, juggling, making their own cookies (recipe at the end) and sharINg. We will be in Fort Bragg’s CA every Wednesday and in Ukiah CA starting on Saturday. If you are around come to get a free hug!

Elders medicINe and musical healINg! She is a goddess and she knows it!
Honoring the children in our lives!
The rainbow is the unification of all colors, the UNIverse INcludes all of us and the healINg happens as we connect! YOGA = UNITY 
Each of us are a miracle and part of this beautiful song! Self inclusiON and transFORMATION are directly connected! Be it!
Juggling and cycling the love!
Goddesses are happy to hear in regards how beneficial dates can be! Have you heard about dates health benefits? Dates are above and beyond healing, ask us more about it or re-search! Spin sacral energy, creation and feel the oily nectars of the palm trees. The best form of sugar for human body! 
Raw Vegan Cookies Recipe! Make your own no more packages please! Less plastic and more love for the eARTh!
All it takes are dates or date rolls, coconut flakes, your favorite nuts, chia, raw hemp seeds, oats, coconut oil, or cocoa butter, be flexible, creative, mix it all and shape it as you like! 
Hug, hug and hug as much as you can it’s highly recommended, connect and exchange energy!
Everyone loves cookies so let’s make it easy on us and our planet… make your own earthy cookie TODAY! Every package counts NO more pre-packed food, we can do it! Each of us are a miracle and part of this beautiful song! Self inclusiON and transFORMATION are directly connected! Be it! 
Awen rocking and juggling her best moments!

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Raw Vegan Cookies Recipe! Make your own no more packages please! Less plastic and more love for the eARTh!

All it takes is dates or date rolls, coconut flakes, your favorite nuts, chia, raw hemp seeds, oats, coconut oil, or cocoa butter, be flexible, creative, mix it all and shape it as you like! 

Help us to keep on loving our Planet as ONE!

Any dollar counts and adds to a better World right here right now! LovINg you family!


What is goINg INside?

Starts with us, making better choices and knowINg why! No more Cancers… more answers and regenerative solutions to stART a new eARTh!

Plant, dance, breathe, eat well, get outside and don’t be a winner! Get back to yOUR nature!

Love and gratitude for all that you are!

Follow, support and join us on Steemit! This platform is been helping us to see a new way to freedom and abundance! Have you heard of Steemit? Do you need a new form of income? Want to work from home? Check it out this might be for you, follow link bellow.


We are not a religion we are a lifestyle down to eARTh!

Daniela MegaLove

What we are up to? Healing and sharing in Northern California \o/

Love Cycle now in Lake County North California , and yes we are so happy to serve this area!

In case you don’t know what happened on this side of the ship… the fires devastated part of the local community. We feel the pain from the people who lost their homes, business and yes there is a need of unity in order to cure, protect our wildlife and families.

From this project we are supporting HERE… an art school, a community, natives, education, natural medicine, fire prevention, healing, permaculture and so much more goodness is blooming. Thank you Universe for such a beautiful opportunity and everyone who is up lifting this new eARTh school. 

Yes we are taking this moment into a higher level of creative ACTion! It takes a tribe so we are here now activating, working and learning with two really amazing elder artists…. simply honored to be in touch, support and presence the light of those beings. 

Here are the heroes involved on this mission in NorCal, and what are some of the ideas in place:

Jared E. Hendricks


Jared E. Hendricks was born into a 4th generation ranching family in Northern California. He spent the majority of his younger years helping out on the ranch and immersing himself in the wilderness surrounding it. As a young adult, he ran an industrial composting facility. When artistic inspiration came to him, Jared began experimenting with sculpting metal. His pieces have been featured in many galleries, shows, and pieces of art literature.

When a fire devastated the local community and his own land, he was motivated to find a way to prevent this kind of damage from happening again. With the combined powers of ancient native wisdom and his own ecological experience, Jared developed a natural fire prevention method. His land has not been touched by fire since. Jared became increasingly interested in studying one’s personal connection with nature, and made it his mission to educate the minds of tomorrow’s leaders. He developed a youth retreat center on his family ranch, giving high school aged kids the opportunity to explore themselves within and embrace their relationship with the natural world. Jared has also facilitated retreats for much younger children as well. The fire ecology technique Jared has developed is of the utmost importance as wildfires have become increasingly more prevalent in California. Jared presents talks on his methods regularly trying to spread as much awareness as possible. Today, Jared’s focus is on raising consciousness and ecological projects.


Love and compassiON for our Planet is needed everywhere!

Love Cycle As One Today

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All supporters will receive a gift, a unique art piece, 100% sustainable and made by us. Any donation is greatly appreciated, much love and gratitude!




New Logo & LovINg Sponsors Signs Of GrATITUDE!

LoveCycle Logo

Right ON this amazINg Cycle of Blue Full Moon Eclipse… Here from the West and to BE exact from CALIfornia our new home I am so glad! Announcing our new symbol, logo, label, gift & so it’s! We’re CallINg ALL Angels, Supporters and Lovers of all KINDs… Right NOW For A Powerful Cosmic ConnectIon Of AbunDance And Hero HealINg For Our eARTh & LovINg Logo by Me and NuIN!

We are INspired to keep on feedINg the Love, guided by spirit to keep it Up on the rIght path, and yes we are not shy to Ask, for your support to help us to spread this lovINg cycle by simply sharINg this post with the rest of oUr UNIverse! Thank You Up Front & Back & Down Each Step! EternALL! UniversALL Dance MedicINe also is a new thing… ALL Joy! You must joIN!

Love Cycle First Event

SpeciALL Thank You To Goddess Awen NuIN for your grace, ART and constant faIth siSTAR… for ALL that we grow as One LovINg Family. You are a piece of eARTh, that We much appreciate and love to contemplate! Goddess of WisdOMmmm! Namaste Eu Amo Voce! CURAndo ao seu lado sempre!

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SpONsors We Are ThankFULL Of Love For You!


We are honored to announce that now, we are officially sponsored by RaHemp!

The best natural wellness products on the planet, and created by divine hands, our sistar healer Ocea Demer. Thanks for this gift to the universe my dear, we truly appreciate your grace!

So treat yourself to any of the RaHemp healing natural products line, message us and you will automatically support our projects, portion of the purchase will be given to Love Cycle as a courtesy of RaHemp.

“We provide high quality wellness products, give us a try for delicious solutions to your aches, anxieties and fears. I care for what goes in and this type of medicine is what we need to see available to our people, it’s time to let the pills down, yes we can do better than that and yes to Hemp! Eat, built, drink and be Hemp! It’s time to let it go the artificial docs and boxes… let’s allow natural joy in! Aho! Said, Daniela Magalhaes our sistar, healer, and creator.

Follow the link to get to know our unique and pure selection of treasures. Yes to natural medicine, yes to treating yourself right, yes to feeling good, yes to live in harmony and true organic love for all living beings! 100% Organic We Are!

By Ocea Deamer The Stars Healer and Our SiSTAR! Eternal gratitude is all we got!

ocea-about-us-2-216x288 (1)

Website: https://www.rahemp.com/

Message us for orders or further information lovecycle48@gmail.com or lovecycle@protonmail.com

Thank you for supporting yoUSsss!

Love Cycle eARTh Crew

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Donate Today for a New eARTh

All supporters will receive a gift, a unique art piece, 100% sustainable and made by us. Any donation is greatly appreciated, much love and gratitude!


Everywhere we are sooo grateful for Traders Joe! Big Thank You For SharINg With Us ALL! No waste, no trace, flowINg abundance, and yes please shop at this amazINg giving place!


Mama Earth Nation School of Learning & InitiatiONs! Yes To EternALL Gratitude, CompassiON and AbunDance for ALL to Thrive!


The Source Of everythINg is Doron \o/\0/\o/\0/\o/ Thank you for ALL your LOVE, healINg, beINg, you are so beautiful! Go To http://www.thesource.network/ For Unlimited Source Of ConnectiON! That’s Doron our loving brother and supporter!