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Our new Logo is Out and About \o/\0/\o/\0/\o/ Just like us! Right ON this amazing cycle of Blue Full Moon Eclipse, right here from the Pacific! CallINg ALL angels, supporters and lovers! Cosmic connectIon of abundance and healINg for our eARTh!

We are INspired to keep on feedINg the Love, guided by spirit to keep it Up, and yes we are not shy to Ask for your support to help us to spread this lovINg cycle by simply sharINg this post!

I mUSt saY Thank you Awen Nuin for your grace, ART and constant support for ALL that we grow as One LovINg Family. You are a pIece of eARTh that We much appreciate and love to contemplate! Goddess of WisdOMmmm! Namaste Eu Amo Voce! #share #newlogo #gratitude #support #nature #love #eARTh #cycle #be #energy #exchange




Wild harvest food is like magic… FREE and delicious!


All year around fresh Cocos, it’s like a dream, it’s FL and we love it. Hydrate, get your natural oils, electrolytes and drink straight from the great mothers breast! Enjoy this bliss if you are on the Tropical’s, get Cocos and support your locals.


A sprouted Coconut is like a treasure… Hard to find and hard to open it! Takes practice and patience, however is totally worth it. Have you ever seen one? Wait into you taste it! We honor all our Coco People as Gods, who bravely climbs trees for all beings to heal and feel the love! Connect with us for fresh Cocos Locos “Coqueros”around the globe, get your cocos, support the locals, learn to climb, how to open a coco? Yes! We got you!


We are glad for all the people who plant food, imagine a whole planet full of bushes and ONLY… We love bananas! Thank you for planting diversity with us \o/\0/\o/\0/\o/\0/\o/\0/\o/


Moringa \o/ Thank You We love You! The Miracle Tree is one of the most healing Trees on the Planet Earth! Juice it and feel the miracle! 18765861_10211120524442371_5155253376946864128_n

The key is to teach men how to fish, by allowing ourselves to play like kids again and hit the playground with joy!


Meet our eARTh Crew and family, click here Our eARTh Crew

Namaste Eu Amo Voce!