Daniela Megalove Activist & Creator


Be you!

I am another you, I am Daniela MegaLove, I am everything… Activist, Creator, Healer, And Dancer Of The UNIverse! A Mother Down To eARTh I AM for Elijah my son and Gaia ALL in ONE. ServINg UniversALL Dance MedicINe for ALL to step IN, I finally kNOW what is my natural medicINe,  and yes I am learnINg and servINg!

Honored to be of service and taking responsibility for my TRAsh, all the way back to ash, I really want to cure the Vortex and rise more consciousness… please no more mess!

From there when I was born in this lifetime… Rio De Janeiro Brazil to NOW here as a Creator of the New eARTh… an amazing journey of love, gratitude, awakenings, light, darkness, lessons, acceptance and metamorphoses that brought me to who I AM Today, The Gift! I am healed, I am awake, YES I feel like TIME is a sweet illusiON and NOW is ALL we got goINg ON!

“I am deLIGHTed to BE the Creator and Activist of Love Cycle, I AM what I LOVE and love what I do ALL day long, as a healINg song for our UNIverse I flow, dance and expand. Today is the best day of my life… everyday! I decided that and I am glad I did”!

This project it’s my dream, reality and everyday inspiration; Love Cycle is not a religion, or business it’s a lifestyle that’s down to eARTh. Our mission is simple… to be & live in harmony with yOur natureIN!

Honored and happy to be of service for an entire commUNITY, ANYwhere I land standINg for Gaia as I AM, blooming, adaptable, sustainable and bright like the Flower of Life! MakINg it right, balancINg, walkINg the path of “NO trace” as my ONLY PolicY, believe me it feels good you will SEE!

I love to BE eARTHy, naturalLY, sweet, eternally grateful for this ship I AM INNNNN… LOVE! 

We are another you, a crew of creative OUTside the box Solutionaries, learnINg and here to bring paradise on eARTh as ONE! No blamINg, no shame, no trace… only grace!

PermaCulture is our Culture and Cure, more sustainability and equality for our people. Plant more seeds, hug trees of all kinds, compost, climb, dance and play! That’s ME you will SEE a Little girl that loves to be… “Natural” is the word I choose to live by… Get outside is a big part, simple life, no box, no label or pretendINg required! I am heART, from there and only… comes all pieces of this puzzle if you want to play, hear your heART and he will say if this lovING game resonates!

So much going on in our Planet instead bringing up the problems, we must be, stick to and share… solutions. Create ACTivities that are healthy and organic for all of us… be juicy creation, heroes and real transFORMation… Starts withIN be a siSTAR, act upon your own medicINe and feel us IN. We make it fun, simple, save sources, live only heART prints and share how much we care!

WalkINg and ChantINg the talk… YES I am!

Through my journey I learned to appreciate more and more the people who uses their hands, co-create arts, crafts and any handMAGICmade goodies. Brands and labels aren’t necessary for me to feel good, less is more, black is the new white, and adaptable I am. Creative UNIque energy it’s what we inJOY and flow through our commUNITY!

Thank you to all artists, healers, permaculture masters, herbalists, natives, and lovers of all kinds that make our Planet a livINg art piece for us to taste at no waste!

Much love and light to my son Elijah MoreLove who keeps me INspired, supports me patiently all times and been always such a content child! I am so thankful for this GOD in my life! I love you unconditionally son! You are my best ART! Thank you Eric MoreLove for your participation and presence in our lives! You are an amazINg father and yes I am so blissed for both of you! Yes he is already taller than I, yes that precious time!


Love, gratitude and attitude to all of you heARTh crew!

Daniela MegaLove

Love Cycle Creator and Activist


Jared E. Hendricks Our Earthship Ecologist And Fire Prevention Master!

Thank you brother! It’s a honor to serve with you!

Jared was born into a 4th generation ranching family in Northern California Scotts Valley area, where we just had the largest fire in history. He spent majority of his younger years helping out on the ranch and immersing himself in the wilderness surrounding it, besides that he is an Agricultural Engineer, an Ecologist, ancient fire wisdom keeper and teacher.

As a young adult, he ran and owned an industrial composting facility. When artistic inspiration came to him, Jared began experimenting with sculpting metal. His pieces have been featured in many galleries, shows, and pieces of art literature. When a fire devastated the local community and his own land, he was motivated to find a way to prevent this kind of damage from happening again. With the combined powers of ancient native wisdom and his own ecological experience and degree, Jared developed a natural fire prevention method. Jared became increasingly interested in studying one’s personal connection with nature, and made it his mission to educate the minds of tomorrow’s leaders.

He developed a youth retreat center on his family ranch, giving high school aged kids the opportunity to explore themselves within and embrace their relationship with the natural world. Jared has also facilitated retreats for much younger children as well. The fire ecology technique Jared has developed is of the utmost importance as wildfires have become increasingly more prevalent in California. Jared presents talks on his methods regularly trying to spread as much awareness as possible. Today, Jared’s focus is on raising consciousness and ecological projects. Jared has saved thousands of acres of sacred lands and homes from the fires. His work is been recognized by the state, it’s on the news and by our entire community. We are grateful for Jared’s presence, generosity and wisdom.

Thank you Jared! We honor and support you!

If you like to support Jared please send your donations straight to his PayPal account and same as email his address jaredhendricks@pacific.net


PermaCulture Hero In The House! Bien Venido Keegan The Vegan!


Keegan planting a garden in someone’s yard in Wailuku Maui! #permacultura

Who is Keegan?

I am a chAngel, a wayshower here to help guide humanity back into a state of harmonious consciousness, a thrive-lihood in right relation with all beings.  I was born and lived for seven years with my parents, older brother, and grandmother in coastal southern California before moving to the town of Mammoth Lakes in the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains.  Our family moved back the the coast in time for me to start high school in Morro Bay, where I grew into the awareness of our human family’s great challenges.

I began traveling soon after high school and was despaired to fathom the cultural wasteland of the American empire and colonial injustice around the world!  I studied Shaolin Kung Fu and Mandarin in China; music, language, and voice back in California; and independent anthropology on a bike tour through Europe, where I found the solution! Permaculture was introduced to me while I was WWOOFing in Croatia, and I soon found myself, at my loving mother’s suggestion, participating in a Permaculture Design Course in Costa Rica!

I have been living, learning, and growing through the permaculture network around the world ever since.  I have collaborated with communities across the Americas and in Hawaii, Bali, and Thailand. Now I live on the beautiful island of Maui, finally setting down some deeper roots!


Keegan Blisstears Meade


Nomvula the Greeninglady \0/\o/\0/\o/\0/\o/ 


I dance for the joy of dancing, to bring harmony and alignment to the human race and to balance the energies of masculine and feminine.

I dance for the pleasure of raising the vibrations of human and animal consciousness.

I dance for you. I dance for us. I dance for unity, sun and rain.

There are some who are generous enough to sponsor my dancing and to buy my art. These people see that I take any abundance generated from my dancing and art and I pay it forward. I sponsor permaculture education and school greening projects.

Allow me to heal the world through my prayer, my dance, and my art. Then allow me to continue the healing through my sponsorship of school gardens.

Greening all the schools in the world is my biggest wish for us to create organic, sustainable and beautiful food forests in all schools. We bring organic food, clean water and air to the next generation, so that they will learn these things and teach them to their own children someday.

There is no greater joy on earth than to follow your passions and to heal your fellow people at the same time.

I am forever grateful to be the vessel that manifests the light, that channels the divine, that helps to heal this world.

In Love. In Light.

The concept:

Nomvula the Greeninglady was conccepted 10 years ago.

The concept of Nomvula the Greeninglady is that she is a lady who promises to dance her dreams for the sun each day at 9 am in Nature.

The agreement was more grounded about 2 years ago when the universe asked Nomvula to work for the Universe.

The universe brings energies that needs to be transformed or transmuted to Nomvula and Nomvula dances with these energies infused with her visions.

Nomvula has 14 visions/dreams/prayers/dances:

  1.  Organic greening of the Earth
  2. Believing in one’s dreams
  3.  The Goddess blessing
  4.  Freedom of all beings
  5.  Abundance and prosperity for all the tribes of the Earth Nation
  6.  Opening and closing of the portal to the Sun dance
  7.  Dance for the people of Dakota for water protection.
  8.  Divine Father and Mother dance blessing the children
  9.  Because we believe by Andrea Bocelli
  10.  Dancing in the place of sprouting dreams
  11.  Dance with the Creator
  12.  Finding my Spirit dance
  13.  Protection of all being’s dance
  14.  Moving through timelines

These dances she dances daily on the beach and she pray for their fruition.

Nomvula also goes and dances anywhere she wishes…but always in Nature, always at 9am and always with the Sun.

Nomvula strongly believes in playfulness and to keep your energy light and in the light.  That is why she chooses to only dance in the light and in the day and outside.

Nomvula believes in the words: “when words fail us dance takes us further”

Our minds are so powerful, we must always aim for thoughts of lightness as we constantly creating our futures.

You can find Nomvula on FB-  www.facebook.com/nomvula

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/nomvula99/

Email: nomvula9@gmail.com

PayPal:  paypal.me/nomvula

Permaculture: www.permaculture2012.co.za 

Nomvula, the Greeninglady

Love Cycle Family, Ambassador, Dancer and Creator


Carolina Allen

carolina allen

Artist, Veteran Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher, and Director of the Mother Tree mixed-age in home kindergarten in Eugene, Oregon and  a Steward of the  endeavors and new impulses at the  Triangle Lake Conference and Retreat Center in Blachly, Oregon. She is the lucky mother of two wonderful daughters and an adopted-son-of-the-heart. Carolina is a friend to all children. A passionate, artistic sort, sometime gardener and unrepentant poet who believes the wonder and awe of childhood must be nurtured with artistic beauty, whimsy, and joy to be truly sustained. She has been published in  LIlipoh Magazine, creates murals, theatrical backdrops and other commissions and teaches occasional one on one classes for adults as well as after school art classes for children as well as the high school at the Academy of Arts and Academics in Springfield, Oregon.  

Support Carolina’s project by getting her very unique designed game! 

My Little Matching Game is classic “memory game” featuring beautiful Waldorf-inspired illustrations to awaken a child’s imagination and build memory skills.

Played solo or with two to four people of all ages, this matching game will improve concentration, visual memory, and build cognitive skills.

Or use the the cards to inspire your own stories and build storytelling skills!

Designed by a veteran Waldorf early childhood teacher, the cards feature beautiful hand-painted illustrations to enliven a child’s imagination.

Or alternatively

‘My Little Matching Game’ is a visually imaginative and luminous new memory game that has been enjoyed for many generations. Its easy to learn and can be played solo, or with 2-4 people. Improve concentration, visual memory, storytelling, and cognitive skills for ages 3-103. From the very young, to the very old, all can have their memory benefit from this fun and healthy whimsically based brain game!’

“A Memory game for children of all ages. Helps teachers assess a child’s cognitive abilities, improve concentration and focus. Designed by Carolina Allen, with 25 years of early Childhood Experience. Hand painted and time proven. 



  1. For very young children (ages 2-3): Leave cards face up and let the child simply find the match.
  2. Sound identification: Lay cards face up. Choose items that start with the letter C, etc,, or that contain a long E, short O, etc.
  3. Literacy Building: A. Turn over a card, write the word on paper, then try to find the match.
  4. When A pair is matched, the player must use the word in a sentence to keep the pair.
  5. Storytelling: A. Turn over three cards. Tell a story based on the sequence. If two items are the same, the story must contain both. For example if their are two frogs, then two frogs must be a part of the story.
  6. When all the cards have been paired, each player must use the words they’ve collected to tell a story.
  7. Make up your variation!

Order one today: https://www.bellalunatoys.com/collections/older-children-7-yearsFor Inquiries email: themothertreenews@gmail.com





Dion Jagroo

dion jagroo
I am a guide and messenger of this transformation of awareness movement. My vision is bringing people together for the experience of bliss, freedom and unity by creating and utilizing platforms to inspire the realization of our true selves, in a field of unity consciousness.
I offer a 7 day program called I AM FREEDOM. It’s designed to deepen your connection to your true self. Through processes such hypnosis, intuitive emotional integration and energy work, profound realizations and quantum shifts in awareness and perception are available.
I am also a co-creator of Yunasai, an organization that facilitates group transformational experiences.
We are here. The time is now. The opportunity we have as a collective is special. We get to bring all of what is not true to the surfaces for transformation. Awareness heals, as we all become the greatest version of our self we hold space for that per view to unfold. As you read this please tune into your hearts and feel what has always been true, you are as complete as you’ll ever be. Allow that to resonate through your entire being and out into infinity. I love you all.
My vision is unity consciousness. Living in harmony, authenticity, transparency and pure love. Where we hold space for each other to forgive and remember our true nature. Where children can learn freedom, power and self expression, their divine inheritance.
I am joining Love Cycle because the divine has pointed me in this direction which feels in total alignment.
I am being guided to relocate to Northern California with my wife Madeline and our two children Amaya (1) and Michael (3).  I’ve had short experiences with community and would love to expose my family to community. My wife is going through a recent awakening and is committing to her healing/rememberance process and it seems the divine is steering us to a safe place for that 🙂
What I offer is a safe space for transformation. After my Kundalini Awakening many intuitive gifts opened up for me that I utilize with different modalities. I am certified in modalities ranging from Hypnosis, Energy Work, and Emotional Integration and have facilitated individual and group processes. I also am naturally oriented to networking and bring like minds together to vibrate into the desired vision.
I am a student of life and use life as a my teacher.
Dion Jagroo
Ambassador and Family

Jai-el Sire


I am That I Am.
Creator, Teacher, Artist, Musician, Inventor, Messenger, and Healer.
Yet none of these things is who I am. These titles are simply the creative communication devices that have been entrusted to me that I may share The Truth that is True Always with in this world.
I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life.
My intention is to extend the Atonement that has been bestowed upon me by the Grace of The Creator. All that I have been blessed with is offered in service of that mission. I offer it to all who are ready to receive it, and even some who are not LOL.
There are opportunities to engage me through
– Healing, deep and lasting healing, in groups and one-on-one.
– A personal guide in The Way of Mastery (The path of enlightenment).
– Collaborative creative processes, both as a co-creator, and as a consultant for those who desire to create by themselves or with others.
– Speaking engagements, musical performances, information presentation, and guided meditations.
– Being an open channel for the Divine Creative Consciousness. Innovations flow through me effortlessly, so if you have a challenging problem I will offer a solution.
– Teaching an active process of forgiveness that releases the mind from judgment, resentment, illusion, and fear.

Yet these services are only the tip of a much larger wave.
“For of myself I can do nothing, yet through me The Creator is free to do all things.”

I am an Intentional Transformation Facilitator who works with individuals, and groups to unlock, enhance, and engaged The Creator within. Each of us possess the capacity to shape/reshape our lives in any way we desire, but many of us are unclear about how to best use this gift. I am here to assist with the process of getting clear.
Through the deft application of techniques, tools, tips, and teachings; Jai-el can serve as a platform for others to re-member their creative essence, and to practice working with it in a safe place. His aim is empower each of his clients with Micro-Processes (Intentional Transformation Tools/Techniques) that they can integrate into their daily lives to enhance/transform every aspect of their lived experince.

“Transformation is a choice to rise above limited possibilities.”

Blessings to All! Jai-el Sire

Love Cycle Family and Ambassador






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