1 ACT OF LOVE A DAY! Keep it simple and down to eARTh!

How about keeping it simple, down to eARTh and fun during the Holidays? By making our own gifts, signs and decorations… simply be the gift! Invite friends and family, make it fun, unite all the stuff you might have around. Let’s save our planet and sources, besides… how about closet space?

“The creative adult is the child who survived!”

Why not offer FREE HUGS? One of the best of all gifts and our favorite operation of all times available 24/7, tree hugers are welcome and counted in too! Join us anywhere for FREE HUGS, love cycle all that you are and be the change! Yes to unity, connection, peace, acceptance and light! All the above are consider it nature friendly, awesome for the heart and very sustainable!  Let’s have a no trace holiday season, love you eARTHy beings! Special thanks to ALL our volunteers and supporters!

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Get outside! Just a taste…  

Plant more food, less bushes, more veggies, less pesticides, more composting, less trash, no wrong as all depend on each other, and as much as we do!

Wild harvest food is like magic… FREE and delicious!


We are glad for all the people who plants food, imagine a whole planet full of bushes, perfect cut, so guess what? Can’t eat bushes… We love bananas! We love Cocos! Thank you for planting diversity and abundance with us \o/\0/\o/\0/\o/\0/\o/\0/\o/

18222718_10210884052970732_3339908066567007577_n.jpgThe “key” is to teach men how to fish… by allowing ourselves to play like kids again and finding the joy of being outdoors in nature!